Edna graduated from Florida College of Natural Health (one of the top massage therapy schools in the country) and was chosen as an intern with the Miami Dolphins. From then, Sports Massage and injury recovery became a passion. This opportunity led to many others working with professional athletes, with exclusivity contracts. She has had opportunities to work on amateur and professional athletes in the PGA, NFL and NBL, which has contributed to advancing her skills. Later, Edna was certified as a Pain & Posture Specialist and Myoskeletal and Alignment Therapist by Erik Dalton at the Freedom from Pain Institute. Mr. Dalton is one of the pioneers in MAT and highly reputed among professionals of this industry.

For the last 15 years, Edna has been focused on sports injuries & prevention, back and neck pain, and overall muscle health.

Giving her utmost help in healing and in promoting muscle health is her goal at each session, as well leaving you with an overall feeling of well-being.

Edna’s range of technical expertise combined with the warmth and focus of her interpersonal skills allow her to attune to each individual. She is also physically capable of a great range from subtlety to strength, allowing for both soothing and powerful dynamics in her bodywork. Her sessions are meaningful sports massage and healing experiences.